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Dr. Michael McQuillan, OD

Michael McQuillan, O.D., F.C.O.V.D.
“The Irish Eye Doctor”

Dr. Michael McQuillan, OD

” Michael McQuillan, O.D., F.C.O.V.D.
“The Irish Eye Doctor”

Dr. Michael McQuillan, OD


761 E Daily Dr #120, Camarillo, CA 93010


i.Scription® by ZEISS is a revolutionary new technology that supplements the standard vision test and creates a better vision solution in all types of lighting conditions. The i.Scription process determines the unique requirements of your eyes with far greater precision than standard methods. This data is then used to create customized eyeglass lenses that are more precisely attuned to your vision needs than any other lenses available today. We’re proud to be one of the first practices in the country to offer i.Scription®.

ZEISS customized eyeglass lenses featuring i.Scription technology can dramatically improve your night vision, while giving you absolutely clear and precise vision in daytime conditions. Wearers report experiencing improved contrast and the ability to see colors more brilliantly.

Using i.Scription is just the starting point for your customized lens design. To obtain your best vision experience, we also use i.Terminal by ZEISS – a unique integrated dispensary system that combines a new level of fitting and measurement for eyeglass lenses. 

Sophisticated, modern progressive lenses offer unsurpassed optical performance. However, the performance of these lenses is still limited by the accuracy of their fitting and centration. Even the slightest of errors in fitting measurements can result in up to a 40% reduction in optical performance. i.Terminal takes precise measurements of how your frame of choice fits on your face, allowing us to customize a lens for your specific prescription, frame and face.

Zeiss Individual 2 Progressive Lenses now offer the option of designating which of your vision ranges (distance, intermediate, or near) the lenses are optimized for.  

For more information or to find out whether i.Scription® would be right for you, get in touch today!

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